The Waves

The past couple years has been a journey of learning how to be brave in the waves. To trust God deeper and deeper. One of my favorite songs is “You Make Me Brave”, by Bethel. I feel that being brave is the overall theme to my life.

Well, during my time at camp, there was a day that some of the interns and I decided to catch some waves at the beach. I decided to ride my bike there to get some exercise and in general, I enjoy riding my bike. When I arrived at the beach, the other interns were already far out. There was even a civilian who was trying to catch some waves on his surf board. The waves were that big. Keep in mind, with my little legs, I knew it would take me a while to catch up to everyone. 😉

This normal time of going to the beach, turned into a sweet moment with God that opened my eyes. When I was trying to get through the waves coming at me, I found myself complaining to God that couldn’t catch up with everyone. I just wanted to have a good time with my friends. Then, I realized that God has a sense of humor because he was using literal waves to speak to me. I felt God was saying, “In the plan I have for you, you’re going to have times when you’re separated from people, or you’re going to ‘stick out.’ But keep following and being faithful to me. You need to learn to let go, so I can do the work that I have for you. Let me be your surf board.”

God is awesome in the way he speaks to us. I couldn’t help but be in awe of how amazing he is. On th outside, it looked like I was just swimming on the water. But on the inside, it was so much more. He’s never going to let me down.


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