I was sitting here, looking at my “encouragement wall” that I have. It’s so great to wake up to little notes that I use to encourage myself. But then I asked myself, “how many times do I try to find strength within myself? How many times have I ended up disappointed because I thought I could do it on my own, but I really couldn’t?”

The world is all about self- sufficiency. I try to be self- sufficient in everything I do and where does that lead me? To a dry, habitual, and less satisfying life. I let my schedule, work, school, and family distract me from what is really going on in my heart. Only letting Jesus fill in the cracks, like a piece of jello for last. Jesus doesn’t want to be last. He did not die on the cross to be last, but he knew in my sinful nature, that I would. At every moment, he is stretching his arms out wide open, saying “CHILD, FIND REST IN ME.” He didn’t have to come, but he wanted to. He says, “my grace is sufficient for you.” Luckily, even though when I seem to be pushing God aside with all of my might, he still gives me grace. He still loves me with all of his might.

Is Jesus sufficient for you? If there was no one except you and Jesus, would that be sufficient? Would that be enough? A little bird once told me, “Jess, you need more joy.” This was not easy for me to hear. I was always the person that tried to stay positive. But because I had filled my life with so much “stuff”, I was exhausted in every way possible. I lost my enjoyment in life. It made me wonder that maybe I should stop saying “yes” less to other people, and start saying “yes” more to Jesus. Start saying yes to Jesus in the moments when I am struggling and in the moments I am happy. To say yes when the world is saying no.

Is Jesus enough for you? If your answer is no, I encourage you to be honest with yourself and let God be the one to undo some things in your heart. If your answer is yes, I encourage you to take ownership over that, but why keep it to yourself? Our faith is not meant to be kept hidden or a secret. My answer is yes. Jesus won the victory when he died for me on the cross. If that was the only hope I had, that would be enough. Jesus is enough for me and his grace is sufficient. 

So, in that time of exhaustion, I took a step back and let that truth really settle in. I let his love settle in and open my eyes to the things that God gave me to enjoy. Let Jesus renew your strength and satisfy your needs. The things of the world will never satisfy, but Jesus always will.

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