The Mountain

When you’re climbing a mountain,

And you feel you’re about to fall,

With the weight of the world upon your shoulders,

And you feel feel everything is crumbling all around you.

When you feel like a withering flower,

or when you feel as if you’re puddy melting in someone’s hands,

Never knowing what is going to come next,

You’re using all of the strength you have left.

You’re almost there-

to the top of the mountaintop.

You know the sun will be shining,

But you don’t know when or how,

You just know that when you reach the top,

That it will be a victory like no other.

The view is so much different from the top,

Because you can see that God was always enough.

He sees you in the struggle-

He knows your pain, every tear, shortcoming, deepest thought, and sin.

Yet he still loves you for who you are within.

He already wrote your story,

But it’s your choice-

Will you use it for his glory?

One thought on “The Mountain

  1. Aww… I love this! Right now my current favorite song is called “No Longer Slaves” or “It is Well.” Especially since it’s Lent season, I’ve been trying to take time to read the Bible or have quiet time with God. Thanks for this much needed reminder and reality check, Grace! In His name, Stephanie


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